Jan Ellen Ferrigan

The Island of Happiness and Sunshine


Is it just me or did August just go by at warp speed?

I know that August was here at least for a couple of days because this month we visited Georgian Bay Islands National Park in Ontario, Canada – and I have the photos to prove it:)

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I got the idea to go Georgian Bay Islands National Park from seeing a post on the Backcountry with the Kids blog. (Thanks!) I am originally from Ontario, but had never heard of, or had forgotten about Canada’s smallest National Park. Georgian Bay Islands National Park is made up of 63 islands in Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay and is accessible by boat only. Getting there is part of the adventure. We took the Park’s Daytripper boat over and stayed in one of their new cabins on Beausoleil Island for two nights. Simple, but tres comfortable accommodations.

We had a great time. Canadian cottage country/Muskoka is a national treasure. The park is located near Honey Habour – one of the busier spots in cottage country.  Next time I think we will go to a spot with a little less boat and jet ski traffic – but if you haven’t been to Georgian Islands NP, don’t let that comment stop you. It is a really gorgeous place and quite peaceful, especially if you are an early riser.

We were lucky enough to attend a park ranger’s guided hike where we learned about the natural history and rich cultural history of the park. First nations people were living in the area from at least 7,000 years ago. Amazing! The ranger (who is First Nations) showed us some artifacts including a 7,000 year old stone blade and how to make and throw an atlatl (very cool). An atlatl is a very effective spear-like arrow hooked on to a stick. Even amateurs like us could make the arrow fly pretty far.

Now that we’ve reconnected with Muskoka, we’ll definitely be back! Maybe next August will slow down a bit and we can stay longer.


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2 thoughts on “The Island of Happiness and Sunshine

  1. Great idea for a Canadian getaway. Would love to try out the atlatl too.

  2. It is a great place for a summer holiday! Thanks for the comment.

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