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The Unusual, Spiritual?, Lucky?, White Deer


White deer

I looked out the window while setting the breakfast table this morning and saw what I thought at first was an unusually large white dog wandering in the park.  I noticed the two other deer with the white one and realized the dog was indeed a deer.

I wasn’t close enough to tell if she was a true albino with pink eyes, or if she just has a mutation for white fur.  In any case, she was lovely to see.

Some Native Americans and others believe that white deer are close to the spiritual world and to see one is a sign of major change and good luck.

I’ll take that:)

Have you ever seen a white deer?


Author: janellenferrigan

Writer who likes to play outside

12 thoughts on “The Unusual, Spiritual?, Lucky?, White Deer

  1. No, I’ve never seen a white deer. It looks almost unreal in the photo. Poor thing, I can’t imagine it will survive for long because it has no camouflage.

  2. I know. Fortunately, when I saw her, she was in the woods within the city limits where she can’t legally be shot. Some hunters believe it is extremely bad luck to shoot a white deer – but I am sure not all will. I hope she sticks around.

  3. Hi Jan, pleased to meet you and what a beautiful little deer, I’ve never seen one like it! Yes, I just hope it stay’s around your area too. Sadly, some people don’t have the same feelings as we do towards animals, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for liking my post and visiting my blog as its given me the chance to discover yours. I’ll look forward to your future posts with great interest. All the best, SN

  4. We have white deer here in Kiawah Island SC. I saw one just after it was born and then several times after. They’re actually not albinos down here, they are a genetic mutation called piebald deer. They have regular colored eyes and a few pale beige spots but appear totally white when born. They are rare, beautiful creatures and we always feel very fortunate when one is born. Lucky you for getting a photo!!!! My husband tried to get one with his iphone but it was too far away 😦

    • Nice. They are remarkable to see aren’t they? That’s great that you have seen more than one. I have a feeling the one i saw may be white and not an albino. I have to try to get closer next time:)

  5. I’ve only seen images of white deer, how great that you could see one from your home!

  6. My husband has seen one coming home, he is Native American and he believes seeing the animal was a sign of new spiritual journey. There isnt alot of information on this situation, but if it was the “white buffalo” here would be lots of information? have a good one eileen dolson

    • Thanks for the comment Eileen. That’s great that your husband saw one. I believe in Native American wisdom – plus it was just great to see. I haven’t seen her in a while. Maybe that means my journey is well underway. Hopefully, she’s okay. Best, Jan

  7. My wife and son just saw a Blacktail Deer that was white with tan patches. We have a pitch and a video that we are going to post on Youtube.

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