Jan Ellen Ferrigan

Spring, Renewal and Great New Things


With spring comes renewal and great new things.

Today, I am proud to announce that Lotto’s Super-Awesome Unbelievable Park Adventure has a fantastic new cover. Thanks to Brian Allen from Flyland Designs .  Brian has definitely made the book better and more appealing to the target audience by bringing Lotto, Armond and Riley to life.  If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that he pretty much nailed the characters and captured a good sense of the story with the illustration.

Lotto's Super-Awesome Book Cover

Also, Erik from This Kid Reviews Books liked my book!  I’m happy when an adult likes my book, but I’m absolutely thrilled when a kid likes it – and Erik is no ordinary kid. Erik reads A LOT and provides reviews for kids, parents, teachers, etc. looking for good books for kids.  Check out Erik’s blog, his April Fools joke, and Lotto’s review here.

Happy spring!


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5 thoughts on “Spring, Renewal and Great New Things

  1. Great cover Jan, very striking and effective! I like it very much! Regards James 🙂

  2. Hi Jan, I would like to present you with a Best Moment Award, for those who dare live in the moment. You may find further information at:


    Congratulations on an award well deserved Jan, my best regards, James 🙂

    • Thanks so much James for another award nomination – and congratulations on winning one yourself. And a Best Moment Award is a good one. If only I could always live in the moment. It may be a while before I get time to write an acceptance speech and nominate others. Things are pretty busy here with work etc. But always great to hear from you and visit your blog:)

      • Thank you Jan its always nice to hear from you too. No worries about posting yet, sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day, its frustrating I know. Congrats once again Jan, my best wishes, James 🙂

  3. My thoughts ..glad to know you’re wornkig through the challenges and being able to enjoy each process for what it is, I am enjoying the fact that you are sharing it with us in an interesting way and that it will result in us seeing the finished product as well. The excitement is building for me and this thing that you’ve been tackling is going to bring enjoyment to others, be a living testament of how clever you are I reckon (and you are), as well as show off your skill as a writer. xx luv ya sis!

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