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Today is National Bookmobile Day

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National Book Mobile Day

How cool is that?

I love bookmobiles. Beyond logical sense, love bookmobiles. The bookmobile stop time for our neighborhood stop is in my google calendar and I’m disappointed when I miss it.

My love for bookmobiles goes back to childhood. I have a vague memory of touring a bookmobile at a fair or somewhere similar.  I loved to read (still do!) and couldn’t believe what a great idea bookmobiles were.  But alas, there were no bookmobiles in our neighborhood.

When I discovered earlier this year that the bookmobile stops about a block from our house twice a month, I was jazzed. Every time I walk on board, my childhood wish is fulfilled and it makes me happy beyond reason, beyond sense, but since I’ve also known myself to be unhappy beyond reason and sense, I take bookmobiles as a good thing and go with it.

If you love, or even like bookmobiles, celebrate National Bookmobile Day by visiting your local bookmobile or by telling your library how much you like bookmobiles.

This whole week is National Library Week.  Check in and check out a book to celebrate.


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One thought on “Today is National Bookmobile Day

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