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Welcoming More Lotto (and Pooh) in the New Year

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Fall was quite busy around here. I didn’t have much time for Lotto and book promo. And I’ve got to say I missed Lotto. I realized that many times, but especially on January 9th, when I had a chance to speak about the book in a local author showcase held at the Telegraph gallery and shop in Charlottesville. The event was organized by Bethany Carlson of The Artist’s Partner (Bethany is a former screen-writing classmate and instructor for an e-book DIY class that I took before publishing Lotto:).

Tonight, I was browsing for the blogs of the other authors at the event. When I searched for Braver Than You Believe by Sue Mangum with Claire Cameron, this YouTube video came up and I had to watch.

I guess I’m out of it because I didn’t know , or more likely had forgotten the “braver than you believe” quote from Christopher Robin. Might be time to go back and read some more Pooh bear.

It is heartwarming and appropriate that Sue Mangum and Claire Cameron used the quote for their book about putting life back together after losing a spouse. See more about their book and a photo from the author panel on the book website. All the authors on the panel had great books. See a list of them here. And remember, no matter what the situation, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” 🙂



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