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Weekly Photo Challenge:Resolved

Here’s my photo for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.


I resolve to stop thinking of my dreams as a wild goose chase.

I have been thinking a lot about perspective lately. I was going to use this photo and say that my New Years resolution is no more wild goose chases, meaning I will focus only on concrete, prudent ways to improve my life, but the dreamer in me resisted that definition of what I should resolve to do – so I came up with no more thinking of my dreams as wild goose chases. Maybe that kind of thinking will lead to more concrete goals and steps to achieve my dreams.

Cheers and Happy New Year!



The Power of Niagara Falls

We stopped at Niagara Falls on our trip to Canada this summer. Growing up in Ontario, I’ve seen the falls a number of times, but they still have a “wow” factor. I can’t look at them without wondering what it would have been like for First Nations and early explorers to come upon the falls without expecting to see them.  Even if one of their buddies told them, “oh yeah, there is a big waterfall over there,” there is no verbal way to accurately describe the sheer awesomeness of an enormous amount of water dropping 50 meters.

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Of course, Niagara Falls aren’t just nice to look at. They produce power. In fact, First Nations and early explorers saw a much grander set of falls. Now, up to 75 percent of the water is diverted for power.  Like all current renewable sources of energy, hydro power is not a perfect energy solution, but it is relatively clean and amazingly simple. Canadian Geographic had an interesting article recently on the new tunnels used for power generation under Niagara Falls.

I understand the need for power. I like lights. Even today, living far away in coal-powered Virginia, I sometimes refer to our utility bill as our “hydro bill.”  But I can’t help thinking wouldn’t it be great, if even for a few minutes, they could let all the water flow over the falls again? Totally unrealistic, I know, but fun to think about.

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The Park Behind Us

When we starting  looking to buy our first home a few years ago, we weren’t sure what house features were important to us. As we toured homes, we often found ourselves in the backyards.  As a result, we ended up with a house that needs a lot of work inside but has a great lot. The best thing about our lot is our backyard enters into a wonderful city park.

There are occasional shenanigans that go on the park that I could do without, but mostly the park gives us a sense of privacy. I love looking out the window while I’m working. And if we want to have some spontaneous outdoor fun, we just have to step outside.

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