Jan Ellen Ferrigan

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DogVacay matches dog owners with great dog sitters. We’ve used DogVacay several times for our dog and signed up to be hosts about a month ago – so far all of us are loving it – especially Nina our nine-year-old daughter and Ariel our dog.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Here’s my photo for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is changing seasons.

Charlottesville Downtown Mall at Night

Dark evenings and Christmas lights mean winter is here – even if the weather doesn’t feel wintery yet.




The Unusual, Spiritual?, Lucky?, White Deer

White deer

I looked out the window while setting the breakfast table this morning and saw what I thought at first was an unusually large white dog wandering in the park.  I noticed the two other deer with the white one and realized the dog was indeed a deer.

I wasn’t close enough to tell if she was a true albino with pink eyes, or if she just has a mutation for white fur.  In any case, she was lovely to see.

Some Native Americans and others believe that white deer are close to the spiritual world and to see one is a sign of major change and good luck.

I’ll take that:)

Have you ever seen a white deer?